Titanic Ship of Dreams
World famous men.

The following list comprises of world-famed men who went down with Titanic

Col. John Jacob Astor, worth probably $150,000,000; heir of famous house of Astor; was returning with bride from Egypt.

Benjamin Guggenheim, fifth of seven sons of Meyer Guggenheim, founder of American Smelting & Refining company; worth about $95,000,000.

George D. Wildener, son of P.A.B. widener, Philadelphia traction king; fortune estimated at $50,000,000.

Isidor Straus, New York merchant and philanthropist; director in many banks; fortune estimated at $50,000,000.

Col. George Washington Roebling, son of builder of Brooklyn Bridge; president John A. Roebling Sons Co; fortune placed at $35,000,000.

Clarence Moore, son-in-law of E.C. Swift, packer.

Thomas Pears, Pittsburg steel manufacturer.

Walter D. Douglas, multimillionaire manufacturer of Minneapolis.

William T. Stead, world famous English journalist.

Percival W. White, Massachuseetts cotton manufacturer.

H. Markland Molson, banker of Canada.

Thornton Davidson, broker of Montreal.

H.J. Allison, financier of Monteal.

J. Brady, president of Pomeroy, Wash., state bank.

Mark Fortune, Winnipeg capitalist.

Hugo Ross, Winnipeg politician.

T.O.C. Caffry, Vancouver banker.